Cache Memory

unretentive, oblivious

Delhi Devastated!!!

My train had reached a station called Bhusaval when Anshul told me that Delhi was bombed, yet again.

There were quite a few people who were travelling to Delhi for the first time in my compartment so decided to stay quiet about the inccident.

The usual early morning hustle at the Hazrat Nizamuddin railway station seemed to have minified by the blasts. Those leaving the station had a look of apathy and numbness on their faces. I hired an auto rickshaw and surprisingly the Jat driver did not argue over the fare even once…As we waited for the signal to go green just outside the Sarai Kaley Khan Bus Depot, a newspaper boy shouted, “Lashey hi Lashey(Corpses and more corpses)”…a septuagenarian lady riding on the pillion of a motorcycle looked up at the heavens, closed her eyes and chanted a few verses from the Guru Granth Saheb…I watched her with utter dismay…the excitement of meeting my family was receding and I could only hope that such cowardly acts are never commited again…


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