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unretentive, oblivious

Around Life 2

Sometimes I feel that I should run all day long to a destination that even I dont know, get dead tired and return back home for a good night’s sleep. I dont know why should I do this but I want to try it someday…

I will be getting back to work again after a week’s break with my parents. Mundane monday mornings and a similar rest of the week…maybe a few beers by the weekend and another Mondayaaaaaaaaaaaawn!!!!!

Enough of cursing life…and I am fed up that doing that also…

BTW saw a new ad on TV and i liked it…goes with the concept of the circle of life…simple and well depicted…but does not sell…

Have a nice weekend readers…if there are any 🙂


One response to “Around Life 2

  1. shradha November 24, 2008 at 9:17 pm

    u can try it…may be it would help…u know forrest gump types!!!

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