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India Unbound

I had mentioned about this book in one of my previous posts on the rise of the Indian middle class. Believe me, the book has turned out to be a revelation of sorts…there were so many things that I never knew and most of us don’t and take things as they are, for granted.

The essays are written in a layman language and the author relates each topic to his own tremendous and enriching experience (Harvard, Hindustan Richardson (Vicks), and now as a Venture capitalist). He takes us through India’s incredible journey from independence till today’s information age. At the same time he mentions anecdotes and personal experiences to make the topic easy to understand. From an India that was in shambles to a new hopeful and promising nation, Das narrates vivid accounts of failure of too much socialism, licensing and closed markets and how the face of nation’s economy changed after the ’91 reforms.

The book is a must read for all current and future managers across industries.


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