Cache Memory

unretentive, oblivious

Go Goa!!

After much planning, budgeting and convincing people to come out of their “busy” lives, the Goa trip finally materialized…

It had been a long time since i had caught up with my friends from Chennai and Bangalore. It was a week long tour and we enjoyed to the max.

1. In Goa, Beer is water…one of us actually fainted out of dehydration and n. no of beer pints…
2. Goan cuisine is delectable…really hot and spicy…although I have turned vegetarian, my friends could not stop praising Chicken Xacuti. There were dishes I could not even pronounce…
3. Goans are proud people and they love their land…and I think they are okay with/proud of their history of having ruled over by the Portuguese.
4. Sex is easy to find and I’m afraid that Goa might soon turn out to be a haven for prostitution…
5. Sun, sand, sea and a beer in hand…what else do u want in life??


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