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unretentive, oblivious


This month witnessed a rise in my cost to the company (do i actually cost my company??) as i finished a year full of unending conference calls, aeonian chats and stupid forwarded e-mails…

Indian IT sector, thanks to the US economy meltdown, has witnessed a down turn in the recent weeks (shares of the company that i work in closed some 15% in negative today than yesterday). But the raise that i have recieved can be called as “decent”. I really dont know why i recieved any increment in my salary at all; i havent done anything herculean to make my company achieve great profits nor have i brought about any change in the way my company works…i feel that the IT companies in India are over staffed and i have actually seen some commerce graduates coding beside my cubicle…but at the same time i’m no different than millions of IT professionals in India who live their lives off EMIs and credit…although we are paid peanuts as compared to our european or american counterparts, we are happy to wear a branded jeans, sip coffee at coffee bars and afford to watch a movie every other weekend…


2 responses to “Increments!

  1. Dhananjay December 9, 2008 at 5:58 pm

    This comment is solely written in the hope of Party, it has nothing to do with your beautiful writing skills.

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