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Saturday Business

It was just like any other dull Saturday morning and i woke up to the loud cricket commentary on TV…

I went out for my morning cuppa at a local kiosk and decided to buy a business paper (MBA ?? Who, me..??)…i m not a regular reader (read “never”) of business papers or magazines but i had nothing to read other than the TOI that i have subscribed at home and besides it had been a long time since i decided to learn how stock markets function and had only been deferring it. I asked the paper wallah for established papers like ET, Mint or the Business Standard but they were already sold out (it was already 11.30…c’mon it was a Saturday!). Finally, i had to “settle” for the last copy of Hindu Business Line…(like it made a difference…!!).

The paper was full of news related to the US economic slump and the effects on the world economy, the Indian Stock market nosedive and the Infy profits, shining gold but the most interesting articles were on last page which I reached after easily avoiding the small font multi paged market results for the last day…

1. Selfridges is using the recent economic slowdown to sell a chocolate called the “Credit Crunch”…
2. Also in the UK, a local pub has started to give its customers a discount if they bring home grown vegetables along…
3. People in the US have woken up to the concept of “savings” that has been so contrary to their style of living…there are seminars and classes that have started to give refresher courses on “Saving”.
4. The bicycle market in Europe is set to boom after people having realized that muscles are better than petrol…that saves the gym fees as well…

Enough for a beginner, i think…


2 responses to “Saturday Business

  1. ♫ ~ RHYTHM ~ ♫ November 5, 2008 at 4:10 pm

    that’s really cool post!!! ….. keep it up…waiting for more!

  2. Rohan November 25, 2008 at 9:23 pm

    Thanks buddy

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