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Around Life 3

·     Week before last, i went to my cousin brother’s wedding at my native place. Ever since i have been going to meet my grandies here, i haven’t seen an iota of change in the way that the dusty town looks…the biggest problem being that of sanitation…i think half of the population of the town still defecates in public. The situation is no different in the cities

·     My dad actually remembered the full name of a Left Out in his school football team when he was 10. It was heartening to see him so happy to meet up with his old friends and after years altogether. More than the wedding he seemed more interested in looking for his peers and catching up on old times. 🙂

·      This Diwali i tried my hand at cooking and prepared Gobi Mutter referring to an old recipe book that i picked up from my mum’s book collection. Contrary to everybody’s expectations, i pulled it off very well and the friends that i had invited over couldn’t stop praising my first culinary attempt.

·     Office is mundane as usual.

·     Watched Doordarshan for an hour (I’m not lying!!).

·     Planning for my parents’ 25th wedding anniversary.Ideas are welcome!!!!!!


6 responses to “Around Life 3

  1. shradha November 24, 2008 at 9:24 pm

    how about cooking for us…and we will decide how good a cook u r…

    as for 25th anniversary for ur parents…it is always better to give them an abroad trip as a gift instead of throwing a party and spending money on others.

    believe me it works…we gifted our parents malaysia/singapore trip as 25th anniversary surprise..

  2. rohan hood November 25, 2008 at 9:09 pm

    Well your roomies were there and dint complain…
    A foreign trip might be a bit too expensive for me to fund… 😦

  3. Sagar Rohankar December 6, 2008 at 4:14 pm

    abe, I got da idea abt Aai – Baba, lagnacha silver jubilee Plan,

    Take some 24 phots of ur Aai- Baba, (both shuld be in a frame 🙂 ) right from their laganacha photo to the latest one.. Like a jerny of ther 25 yrs wid each other..

    And last frame should be blank , cozu gonna take it, when u gave this gift to them..

    The idea is not expensive but, time consuming.. 🙂

    Make a book, put some ur Aai -Babas fav quote on each page..

  4. Dhananjay December 9, 2008 at 5:52 pm

    Get married on the same day………….
    That will be the best surprise (Dhakka) and gift to them..believe me…

    hey jokes apart…

    Whatever u plan, do it from heart and they r gonna like it….”majhya Rohan ni he kelay aamachyasathi” hech tyanchya sathi sarv kahi ahe….

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