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The recent terror attacks on India’s financial capital have raised serious questions on the crisis and terror infrastructure in the country. With over 50 blasts/terror attacks all over the nation in less than 6 months, the current government at the center is under tremendous pressure and may well be on its way to a loss in the upcoming general elections but only paving the way for an equally incompetent coalation (most probable) that will be/has been highly religiously polar and pseudo nationalist in its tendencies. Here’s my take on the various aspects of the attacks and the outcome. 

Deaths/Injuries: This is the most unfortunate part of all terror attacks world over. The suddenness and the power with which these attacks strike is horrifying, this one claimimg more than 180 lives and injuring countless many. Brave stories of the armed forces’ officials, lucky escapes and hideous ordeals are the order of the day. No financial help and fancy declarations can mend this irreparable loss. Well done Mrs. Karkare.

Politics/Politicians: The hypocrite lot. Mr. “Swipe all Muslims” Modi was the first of the lot to show his. Others followed suit. Is power so magnetic? And where are you “Mr. Maharashtra” Thackrey? People are calling him names and questioning his whereabouts, I, like Sonia say, Good Riddance…Not feeling to write much here..

Media: A job well done although as always there were sensationalistic channels who never understand how news should be presented. The Indian news watcher should be made to change he way he/she percieves a piece of news item. And no more media trials please….I prefer NDTV.

Armed forces: No question on their abilities. But they should not have allowed the media to get too close to all that was happening like divulging positions and other supposed secret aspects of an operation.Jai Hind.

The spirit of Mumbai: That is bull-shit. Everytime the city has been hit, the Mumbaikars have been taken for granted for their abilty to “bounce back” to normalcy. It is this so-called spirit that is responsible for non-implementation of several security related measures. A hundred lives here and there dont make a difference…Does it?

Future Combat: There will be inquiries and countless committees set up only wasting public time and money. Recommendations made some 3 years ago have still not been implemented…Its time we rise up to the occasion and save thwe country. Mr. Singh, i respect you and understand that you are not a politics man but this is your last chance. We need a new set of reforms like in ’91 but this time to save the nation from terror, blood and gore.



One response to “‘Mum’bai

  1. drolia December 8, 2008 at 4:01 pm

    well written!!!
    Hope to see an explicit writeup on irresponsible journalism soon.

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