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Teach India- Day 1



I reached the centre allotted to me well before time for the orientation that was supposed to begin at 10.30. I was welcomed by a Akanksha student who handed me a form and a pen.

I filled up the form and then they showed us a presentation-cum-video about their NGO. Then had a group talk to one of the coordinators, Evangeline who showed us around the centre and shared the objectives of Akanksha. This  was followed by a one-on-one session to check our profiles and ascertain where we fit the best and in what role as a volunteer.

Evangeline came about as a warm lady who listened to me and my ideas intently and gave me my options. I chose a center close to my place but the timings are what i am worried about…i have never woken up at 8’o clock in the morning here considering i work in a noon-night shift 😉 but i can always jump out of my crib a bit early for such a novel cause. 


I got to know that the student, Janardhan, who welcomed me was at the centre for the past 10 years and has done a diploma in automobile repair. He hopes to start his own garage someday.

More on the NGO and student conditions in coming posts. Please comment.


2 responses to “Teach India- Day 1

  1. Dhananjay December 5, 2008 at 3:09 pm

    Hey nice initiative ….

    Wish u a very best luck for future endeavours

  2. Anshul December 12, 2008 at 1:39 pm

    Gr8 going Rohan….All the best dude…
    May your students give you the same treatement and respect that you gave to your professors in college 🙂

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