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Woo Locally…and politically?

While returning back from work,yesterday i saw a giant Mcdonald’s ad in Marathi on a billboard..i have seen McD ads in Hindi but this is going real local…the US fast food giant is surely putting the “When in Rome, do as the Romans do” saying to practice in their new ad campaign. After the country wide change of its menu since it first set foot in the Indian “thela-redi(makeshift stalls)” fast food market, this policy is an attempt to attract customers who have been more rigid towards umrican food chains or just anything phoren written over it.

I dug more into it and found that last year in Mumbai, they even sponsered a “Vadapav Sammelan” along with another “local” seller, Coca Cola(Man, they are so good at it all over the world!) organised by none other than the West basher, Shiv Sena. A competetion in the sammelan aims to launch the Marathi burger as a brand by standardizing the recipe and provide a permanent means of livelihood to vendors, mostly Shiv Sainiks. Now these vendor licenses are actually provided by the BMC(Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation) and Shiv Sena hopes to garner support and power in the upcoming BMC elections through this.(

What a connection!!!…i am surely learning some business fundas… 🙂


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