Cache Memory

unretentive, oblivious


She woke up to the chime of the old alarm clock that Lucy’s grandfather had gifted her on her seventh birthday. Her eyelids were still closed, refusing to let her romance with sleep end. Oh! She loved it so much. She lay like a princess waiting for her maids to brush her hair and execute her orders and her prince of Persia would come and embrace her. But she was born to be a spinster. And she knew it.

She was beautiful and it was evident from the fan following that she commanded from the very first day of her arrival. Lucy would recite the poems she learnt at school and talk incessantly about her friends. She would listen, sometimes intently and as if she did not care at others. No doubt she was moody.  She had her reasons…

She loved all the attention she attracted and all the service that was dispensed to her. She deserved all of it.  

It so happened one day when she and Lucy were on their way back from the local store when  Samantha while acknowledging the looks  lost her way and was left stranded at the city square. Samantha was marooned.

She decided to explore the city. On the pavement that led to the city dump yard, she met Christy. Although their was a vast difference in their backgrounds, they clicked instantly. Christy was a maverick. She showed her around and convinced Samantha that there is a life outside the confines of the fours walls. Soon Samantha learnt survival tactics and made that street her home. Samatha’s beauty had already cast a spell around the block and was loved and envied at the same time. She soon became the leader of a stray gang that did stray things. And she loved it.

Samantha was happy enjoying every bit of freedom. The little feline creature was surely having a time of her life.



One response to “Samantha

  1. adi April 27, 2009 at 2:33 pm

    kewl twisstt….
    wonder who you got that streak from 😉
    loved it.

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