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Amul : Ads Mein ULtimate; maybe not this time

Of all the ads that i have grown up to over the years, Amul ads have been the most compelling and fantasy brewing for me to dream of a career in Advertising, print in particular. How i landed up in my current job is a different story altogether.

As a kid, I used to look forward to new India Today issues that my father had subscribed to for the last so many years. They used have a space reserved for new Amul ads just below LTTE (Letters to the editor..yaar!). And when i did not understand the joke or the idea, i browsed through the issue to find out which event or the ‘In’ thing they are taking their take at. Even now i feel bad when i miss the reserved hoarding for their latest ads while i return from work.

The other day i saw this and was slightly disappointed. I don’t know much about copyright infringement but I missed the cuter Amul Girl, albeit the ZooZoo girl sports her polka dotted hair band. I agree that Amul has been playing the role of a social observer over decades and ZooZoos have become really popular because of the way Vodafone has portrayed them in their campaign. The signature style of the Vodafone campaign has also been picked up leaving little space for creativity. Personally, yes, I was disappointed, but Amul has been used to such ‘accusations’…remember MR coffee?? 😀


2 responses to “Amul : Ads Mein ULtimate; maybe not this time

  1. Simply Ridiculous May 23, 2009 at 9:38 am

    There was a time when these ads were actually witty and funny.. But now they have lost all their flavor!!

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