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The camera

A  job with the Reuters is all Jesse had longed for. Few months back, he read an ad for the position of a  junior photographer. He applied and almost forgot about it. Not long ago, he was clicking unimportant photos of robbery remains or showy social functions for a local newspaper in a small town.

He opened another note that came with the appointment letter.


Jesse had mixed feelings. Are they so sure of his abiliites that his first assignment would be to cover a never ending war? Or is he being made a scapegoat at the cost of others’ unwillingness?

“C’mon! Its Reuters for God’s sake.” Jesse was headed to Baghdad.


Journal Entry

2:43 AM, 12th March 2004, a god forsaken cave, somewhere in Tikrit

As I write this, the sky is getting redder. Its symbolic. Off to a special assignment. PoWs and treatement meted out to them. My sources tell me there is something fishy in one of those camps where they keep them. I don’t belong to any side. I belong to what I feel is right.


Khaleej Times, 16th April 2004

Tikrit : A body of a Reuters photo journalist was found in an abandoned house here late last evening. The name of the deceased  is said to be Jesse Rodrigues. No terrorist or tribal group has taken the responsibility for this brutal murder. However, according to the chief of police, Ahmad Raza, the mysterious circumstances under which the body was found does not rule out any other angle in the case. A camera was found in Mr. Rodrigues’ house in the city. The outcome of the probe and examination of the camera will divulge more about the case and the war torned country.   


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  2. Aditi May 2, 2010 at 7:29 am

    makes you want to know more… interesting!

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