Cache Memory

unretentive, oblivious

Mr. Dudley’s Study

“Wow, that is spectacular!”, Katie exclaimed the moment she pushed the heavy door and entered Mr. Dudley’s study.
She was already panting by climbing eight floors of the almost abandoned building. She bolted the door behind her and pinned hair back.
Katie drew a deep breath and took a few more moments to let the view from the old fashioned windows sink into her.
The antique Mahogany desk caught her eye. It smelled musty but a certain scholastic touch was still attached to it. It surprised her that the desk was clean. An empty bottle of scotch stood by the corner of the desk. There was a photo frame. Grace was smiling.
The one room apartment badly needed a clean up. Scientific journals, random notes and old books lay strewn all over the study.
“Its been 15 years…will he even recognize me?”

Katie had traveled some 3000 miles searching for her grandfather. From whatever traces Mr. Dudley had left and all that Katie could lay her hands upon, Stockholm was the last possibility. Mr. Dudley had just left one day. No notes, no phone, no wire, no nothing. He left behind his wife and a government provided scientists’ quarter.
No reason could have been associated to his sudden disappearance. The people at the lab had no clue about his whereabouts. Neither were the police able to trace him.
“He hasn’t worn his glasses. Shouldn’t be far away.”
Katie waited.
Katie’s heart was pounding.
“Uhhh….hey who are you? How did you get in?”
“Hi! Mr. Dudley…just some simple science and mechanics”
“How do you know me?”
“I am…”
“Oh my God, is that you Katie?”
“How long?”
“Three years. You don’t have to explain.”
“Makes no difference.”
“Why did you think I was alive?”
“Because you promised me that I can be your assistant once I am 21.”

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