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TalliĀ Times

‘Gulp Gulp Gulp…’

‘Ek aur beer bhaiya..thandi lao yaar! Aur chakhna bhi…’

Papa would have had tears in his eyes to see his son grow up like this. Not a year out of school, we were having a time of our lives in college. As engineers, it was our moral responsibilty to live up to the name of the profession: get drunk almost every night, stay awake till the hangover creeps in, take a 17 min sleep and take the semester paper for Digital Signal Processing next day. AND PASS :). Choices were directly proportional to the monthly allowance we had from home. From unknown beer brands to not so sophisticated whiskeys and in tough times, desi as well…this could be the story of any engineering student across the country.

The ‘in the buzz’ part is the most memorable. A group discussing lost loves here to a brewing fight there…almost all of it was fun till it got ugly at times. Once while we were coming on foot to the hostel through the ‘pythagoras cut’ (it was a safe route to enter college without getting caught.) from the local bar, a friend lost the way back. We were oblivious to this till we sat down in a room for a round of 29 (an additive card game). Still under influence we got out throught the same secret route and searched for him all night long…when we returned back scared and tired, we saw him brushing his teeth in the bathroom. His wide apologetic grin with the irritating froth said it all. He did not remember a thing. Till date he does not know when and how he returned back to the hostel.

Its been three years since we have passed out (i wanted to use ‘graduated’, but ‘passed out’ suits here :)). Although the size of the group has diminished, we drink to those times today. Well, of course we have graduated to phoren daru now. šŸ™‚