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A new initiative

Having stayed in the most obscure to the most happening places across India (thanks to my Dad’s job), I made friends of all kinds. One of them is this girl who I know for the last 13 years. She was fierce competition at school, be it academics or co-curricula, but you don’t get any prizes to guess who WON!

Anyway, she pinged me a few days ago and suggested to start a blog together. I already have a tough time to manage this blog, leave alone a new one where you have to be responsible for another author as well. Anyway, she coaxed me into it.

We plan to start sometime in July and we would be writing on issues that matter.

Wish us all the best.


A welcome change!

Two words to describe this last weekend.

Awesomely Terrific!!

I doubt if that usage is correct..but you get the drift..

Occasion : Reunion (After 3 years) + A dear friend’s Wedding.

Members : Jay, Dolly, Swati (All Pune), Riddhima, Sameer, Piyush (All Nagpur) and yours truly.

Place of visit : Raipur (Central India)

We started off on the right foot when our long pending train tickets got confirmed. Thanks papa (Ya, he is a railway man). The mood was upbeat but just as we were readying to sleep for the overnight journey, there was a bomb scare on the train. We had to alight at an obscure station for police checks and it was not before an hour that the train was let go. It turned out to a be hoax.

Anyway, we reached Raipur by around noon next day and were welcomed by Piyush who had already reached there with the Nagpur gang. We headed straightaway to the hotel to freshen up. Since this was the first south Indian wedding that we were attending, we did not want to miss a single from the innumerable ceremonies that any Indian wedding can boast of.

Most of them weren’t as long as we had expected and it was interesting to know the reason and the procedure with which they were conducted by two pot bellied pandits (priests). All in all it was a great experience to witness a friend getting married and starting a new life with new goals and priorities. The bidai (when the bride takes off with the groom) was obviously tearful.

All said and done, i can assure one thing that all of us returned back with a new perspective towards life. Things change and some day or the other we have to accept them. For me, this fits to the ‘T’. more philosophy…

BTW we gifted her a dazzling pair of diamond ear rings!

We returned to Nagpur where all of us had a gala time at this new pub (Sameer’s recommendation). We did not realise how many pints we had gulped down amidst poor and very poor jokes, leg pulling and sharing nostalgia when Swati announced that it was time to go!

The journey back to Pune was uneventful (except for a very irritating Sardarji who did not let us sleep. 🙂 ).

Monday blues!!@#$% Arggh!

Miss you all buddies.