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Lift, Theft aur Dhokha

Gupta would have loved to keep the actual title (from the movie LSD) for the first two words for this post, but it was not to be. Maybe, just the second one would have been okay for him.

On that fateful sweaty late April night, Daddu had an encounter of sorts. That makes me think why haven’t I ever introduced my roomies on this blog ever? Anyway, getting back to the plot, Daddu was having a nice little stroll in the park adjacent to our building when an auto rickshaw braked right in front of him.

Daddu (to himself): WTF!

It was a bit past midnight and a girl emerged out of the rickshaw and…

Daddu (to himself): A Chick! Mere paas aati hui! I am so cool.

Chick: Please auto ko paise de do…mere paas paise khatam ho gaye.

Daddu (obviously to himself): WTF!

Our imaandari ki murat, decided to help.

Daddu : Take this.

Chick : Please drop me home…

Daddu (now he was really tired of saying this to himself) : WTF!

Daddu : What are you doing here anyway?

Chick : I came from Bombay…a friend was supposed t o receive me…i came here to find him…can’t trace…blah blah blah…

Daddu: Go by the same rickshaw, I’ll pay.

Chick : NO

Daddu needed someone to say along : WTF

The chick was brought to our place to ‘have water’ and finally taken by two humane souls, Gupta and Daddu to ‘her’ place some 25 kms away.


Few days later.

Ting tong. (Just for the effect, the doorbell to our house is not working for the past 3 months..c’mon it’s a bachelor’s pad)

Bai : Kon Pahije (whom do you want to meet?)

Chick : Anshul.

Bai : Kabhi nahi dekha tumko. (Never seen you before here.)

Chick : Friend hai, bai.

The girl came in and surveyed the house while we were at work and bai was preparing the food. Gupta was sutta maroing not more than a minute away from home. The girl befriended the bai and even had some food. This is what I call confidence. Soon the girl was gone with Gupta’s laptop and my mobile phone.


Pakya : Kya yaar…download pe rakha tha..aaj apna programme tha. (Better not translated)

Daddu : Abbbbbe.

Gupta :!#@$##%^@@

Me and Jay : K


While Daddu was being verbally reprimanded by the landlord and Gupta was sulking over his loss, Daddu remembered the chick making a call from his mobile phone. Wonder woman Swati helped us tracing the number and the person who it belonged to. We narrated the incident to the police who were more than willing to help. This, actually surprised us.

The owner of the phone was at the police station next evening.

PSI Patil : Gheun ye tila (Get the girl here.)

Dude : Kaun? (Who?)

The dude was made to witness a third degree.

Dude : Atta anto tila (Will get her right now.)

Gupta : :D, tereko tere blog ke liye bohot masala milne wala hai.

The chick was brought and questioned and made to stay overnight in the lockup. Many unpleasant things came out of the police investigation which are better not said. You get the drift.

About the laptop, it was sold to two guys and was later retrieved. The chick was released on warning.

PSI Patil had his share from us for all the hard work he did.

And the mobile phone, we went up to the girl’s place but were close being thrashed by the girl’s gang.

I bid adieu to my NOKIA 1200. (Ok, I know it’s not all that a great phone)


Daddu left for London with a heavy heart when the investigation was on. On knowing the outcome, he was one relieved man.

Pakya : Main pehle hi bola tha (I knew it, I said it before) J

Gupta : Yaar kaash mein jaldi aa jata…Chance tha yar! (OK we are jerks as well!)

Me and Jay : Since mostly we were the silent spectators to the episode, all we could say:

“Bhalai ka zamana hi nahi raha”  🙂


In case you want to know,

Daddu : Hrishikesh

Gupta : Anshul

Pakya :Prakash

Jay and yours truly.